Fitso Running & Fitness App

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Fitso Running & Fitness App

Highest rated running & fitness app on Play Store. Everything you need to track and perform in one-single app:
- Start running with the Running GPS Tracker
- Calorie counter with over 100,000+ different types of meals
- Bodyweight workouts at home for both men and women
- Get your daily steps data by connecting to Google Fit

Why Fitso
• It’s entirely free of cost with no ads
• Most accurate running gps tracker - track your distance, pace, calories burned and more.
• Get daily calorie requirements based on your BMI. Calorie counter with the largest food database.
• Free Running Plans for 5k, 10k, half marathon & full marathon
• Free workout plans for men and women. More than 200 unique exercises to do at home workouts for both men and women.

How it works

Choose your goal
1. Track Your Runs & Rides: Start tracking your daily runs and rides with the most accurate running gps tracker. Also, do freestyle workouts for strength training, cross training, warm-up or cool down.
2. Lose Weight: Get customized workout and calorie counter with nutrition requirement based on your target weight goal.
3. Get Fit: Goal focused 4-week workout plan for men and women with video and audio coach.
4. Train for Race: Running plans for beginners to advance runners. Get 5k plan for beginners, 10k running plan, half marathon running plan and more with audio coach.
• Get daily reminder for workout and meal log
• Join challenges and compete with friends and fitness freaks all around the globe
• Consult from the team of fitness coach, dietitian and running coach on Fitso

*Personal Fitness Coach - (Only in India)
We are committed to promote a healthy diet plan, excellent workout plans and helping you in achieving your fitness goal be it weight loss, weight gain, building muscles or preparing for marathon. Hire our personal dedicated dietitian, running coach & fitness coach to get a customized diet, running & workout plan.

What you get
• Customized plan with at home workouts for men and women
• Customized diet plan
• Unlimited Chat
• Weekly Consultation

Diet Plan
• Healthy diet plans based on dietary needs, level of physical activity, lifestyle created by expert dietitian
• Hundreds of healthy recipes with the correct calorie intake and composition to meet your goal
• Personalized diet plans customized as per taste and cuisine preference to lose weight
• Time-efficient recipes and meal plans
• Shopping list to plan your week's meal
• Suitable for a low carb diet, paleo diet, weight loss diet and a range of other healthy diet plans

Workouts Plan
• Exercises with a variety of levels to progress through
• Daily motivation, personal trainer tips by fitness coach
• Time efficient at home workouts (HIIT workout, Tabata, Muscle Building)
• Exercises to help you lose weight or build muscles

Running Plan
• Personalized running plan from the experts running coach
• Weekly customization of running plan as per your performance and growth rate.
• Daily motivation, running tips by running coach
• HD videos for warm-up and cool down exercises

Fitso is free for everyone. To unlock the best in yourself, hire our personal fitness and weight loss coach.


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