Money360 - Smart Money Manager For Android User

Money360 is a personal finance app which tracks your daily transactions and helps you control your spend and save money.

Money360 gives a 360-degree view of your entire financial life. It creates bank and credit card transactions automatically from your phone SMS. It also creates automatic reminders of your utility bill payments so that you never miss a payment date. It shows rich and insightful reports to give you trend analysis of your spending pattern. You can create budgets to track and control your expenses. It works offline, so you don't need internet connection to use the app. It has one touch backup and restore options so that you never lose your valuable data.


1) SMS Parsing
• We have done something revolutionary for you!
• Now no need to add bank and credit card transactions manually.
• No need to create reminders for your utility bill payments.
• Money360 will create transactions and reminders automatically from your SMSes.
• By default it will select Other Income/Other Expense account. You can update to any other account, if required.

2) Dashboard
• Get an overview of your current financial status on Dashboard.
• Add a new Income, Expense or Transfer transaction.
• Add a new account.
• Check Alerts and Notifications.
• Easily navigate to entire app through Navigation Drawer.


3) Accounts
• Add a new account on Add Account screen.
• View existing accounts by account type on view accounts screen.
• Edit, Copy or Delete a particular account.


4) Transactions
• Add Income, Expense or Transfer transactions.
• Get Daily, Weekly, Monthly or Yearly view of existing transactions.
• Easily find specific transactions by giving combinations of search criteria.


5) Reports
• View many useful reports to get insightful trend analysis of your finances.
• Get reports in plain REPORT, BAR CHART or LINE CHART formats.
• See report data by Month, Quarter, Year or custom dates.
• Drill down the summary report further up to transaction level.


6) Budget
• Create budgets to track and control your expenses.
• Create Monthly, Quarterly or Yearly budget for any given account.
• View current status of the budget for a particular account.
• See the list of transactions against that budget.
• Easily Edit or Delete a particular budget.
• Get an alert when your expense exceeds the budgeted amount.


7) Reminders
• Set a reminder to add a transaction in future or set a recurring transaction.
• View existing reminders with amount and next due date.
• Get alerts and notifications when a reminder is due.
• Mark a reminder as paid or create transaction from it when it is due.
• Easily Edit or Delete existing reminders.


8) Data Security
• Money360 is a highly secure app. Your data is stored in encrypted format so no one can see or manipulate it.
• Set Password on the App for added security.

9) Other features
• Intuitive and easy to use user interface.
• Works offline. No Internet is required.
• Available in regional languages for the people not knowing English.
• Quickly locate a transaction from Calendar.
• Store backup files on cloud (Google Drive, Dropbox) or email.
• Export data to Excel.
• Set currency symbol.
• Schedule daily backup of your data.
• Set daily reminder to add transactions.
• Detailed help including App overview with screenshots, FAQ and screen tips.
• Built-in calculator.
• Attach photos to your transactions.

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