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Featurepoints,Get awesome rewards like iTunes, Amazon, Xbox and Starbucks gift cards for trying free apps. get paid, points, Share your app

FeaturePoints is a mobile rewards app that helps you earn money and get free gift cards. Earn points by downloading free apps on your iPhone or Android device, and trying them for a minute.

Refer your friends and earn unlimited points. Earn unlimited points by referring your friends: give them your referral link and you'll get 50% of the points they earn.

Try apps to earn points, and swap your points for awesome rewards: including Google Play, Amazon, PayPal, Starbucks, Steam, iTunes, and many more.



- FeaturePoints is available for iOS and Android users only
- In Google Play search for FeaturePoints.com and open the web app
- How to earn points? Download free apps in FeaturePoints to get points. Play the free app for 1-2 minutes and complete any tutorials
- The more free apps your fans download in FeaturePoints, the more points they'll get for Gift Cards
- In FeaturePoints, go to the Rewards section to redeem points for free Gift Cards ( Amazon, Starbucks, iTunes, Google Play, PayPal).

FeaturePoints Instructions - iPhone, iPad, iPod Users

1. In Safari go to http://featu.re/
2 Click Start Earning Rewards
3. Type in the Code ‘RICHA’ to get bonus points
4. Click Download Now button
5. Hit Open FeaturePoints in the Feature App
6. Start to download FREE apps & get points
7. Get FREE PayPa, Amazon, iTunes & more

Download FeaturePoints and install 2-3 apps to start getting points.

Use referral code RICHA

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