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Would you like your pictures to be appearing in the beautiful cube frame as wallpaper in your Android phone?
These fantasy cubes are ideal for you to frame. Using this app you can make photos more beautiful by set as wallpaper by applying animation in it.

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How to Use:

- Select a photo for box from the gallery.
- Animation is put into wallpaper photo frames for any picture.
- Photo Cube Effects provides the attractive cube live wallpaper.
- You can set photo in the cube and also give your photo to different effect.
- Cube have six side and each side you set different photos from gallery.
- You can select side and different side to set different photos. 
- You can set this cube as a live wallpaper like rotate, move, stand or more.
- You can remove this live wallpaper to long press on those settings. 
- You can set this to your home screen and give your screen to totally different look.

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Also share this wallpaper frame with your friends or families through social app.
This cool Live Wallpaper features a rotating 3d photo cube showing pictures and photos from your gallery.

This version now has new extra functionality showcasing features like Change the picture, try out the photo frames and add special effects. Also new floating panels..

In this version cube show different pictures on each side, and change the size, position and rotation of the photo cube. It also allows saving multiple cubes, changing the background and number of floating panels, adds many special effects.

Once installed, on the home screen choose Menu->Wallpapers->Live Wallpapers
Then select Photo Cube Frame Live Wallpaper from the list shown. 
Click on the different menu to change options on your photo cube, or use the convenient Photo cube.

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Using this application you set your family’s photo cube frame on your device home screen by crop your family’s photo with shape like square.

You can select your photo from gallery and make your photo frame edit with cropping square shape, Also can you set different movement cube effect like move left to right, right to left, up-down, side by side or more.

No internet connection is required. Simply choose the images from gallery and change the background and easily create a original work of art.

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